4 essential tools I use as a filmmaker/photographer in 2024

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After 10 years of photoshoots, commercials and music videos I can say one thing: prep is king. Whether it’s a 360-degree project for a big Client/Agency or a small-budget music video/cover photoshoot I’m always all-in when it comes to preparations before shoot. It’s essential for me to optimize time spent and since i’m a big ai fan, it’s time to share some knowledge.

So here’s my 2024 workflow as a photographer and director when it comes to preproduction process 

Enhancing Creative Output and Streamlining Workflow with Innovative Tools

In the captivating realm of commercial filmmaking and photography, where creative vision meets technical expertise, staying ahead of the curve is paramount to crafting exceptional narratives that resonate with audiences worldwide. Don’t get me wrong, I still go to Pinterest when needed, but for me methods and tools like this may no longer be sufficient in today’s dynamic and technology-driven industry, where innovation plays a pivotal role in shaping creative processes. It’s time to embrace cutting-edge tools that not only enhance creative expression but also streamline workflows and elevate project outcomes. Embark on a journey to discover the transformative power of these innovative tools that have revolutionized my approach to commercial storytelling.

1. Kive.ai: Completely new approach to moodboards and a key for enchanted communication and collaboration

In the dynamic world of commercial filmmaking and photography, seamless communication and collaboration are crucial for achieving cohesive creative visions. Kive.ai has revolutionized the way I communicate my vision to my team, breaking free from the limitations of traditional moodboard platforms.

Instead of relying on static, Pinterest-like boards, Kive.ai empowers me to create dynamic moodboards that pulsate with life. These interactive boards feature embedded key frames from various sources, transforming into captivating visual narratives. This allows me to showcase my vision in an immersive and engaging manner, ensuring that everyone on my team is aligned with my creative direction. I usually split each board into subboards:  story keyframes, lighting, art department, camera movements, editing. This way each department knows where to look for answers :)

Moreover, Kive.ai facilitates effortless collaboration by enabling me to share my moodboards in various formats, including PDFs, files, and links. This flexibility ensures that my team members can access and view the moodboards wherever they are, whether it’s on their desktops, tablets, or smartphones. Additionally, Kive.ai provides a collaborative workspace where team members can add annotations, suggestions, and feedback directly onto the moodboards, facilitating a streamlined and efficient workflow.

Kive.ai has become an indispensable tool in my arsenal, empowering me to create dynamic moodboards that effectively communicate my vision to my team, fostering a collaborative and cohesive approach to every project.

2. EyeCandy: A Treasure Trove of Cinematic Techniques – Your Comprehensive Knowledge Hub

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Secondly, when it comes to knowledge and unique perspective into commercials and editing techniques i go for EyeCandy. In today’s competitive landscape, staying abreast of the latest cinematic techniques and trends is essential for crafting groundbreaking projects. EyeCandy has transcended its role as a mere reference site, evolving into a comprehensive knowledge hub brimming with an extensive visual technique library.

This invaluable resource has significantly streamlined my concept writing process, enabling me to effortlessly access a wealth of cinematic techniques and inspiration. From classic storytelling methods to cutting-edge visual effects, EyeCandy serves as a one-stop destination for uncovering creative gems and expanding my cinematic repertoire.

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Stay tuned for upcoming features, and be sure to join EyeCandy’s vibrant community, a must-have for any aspiring or experienced filmmaker. This vibrant community provides a platform for sharing ideas, seeking feedback, and connecting with fellow passionate storytellers.

3. Film-Grab: A Cinematic Alchemist – Your Gateway to Unparalleled Visual References

film-grab.com website overview
film-grab.com website overview - how projects are displayed
film-grab.com website overview - how projects are displayed in details. Especially this particular film

When seeking cinematic references to enrich your treatment backdrops, Film-Grab.com emerges as a trusted ally, providing a treasure trove of cinematic imagery. This unparalleled platform offers a comprehensive collection of films and commercials from around the globe, spanning various genres, eras, and cultural contexts.

This wealth of visual references allows me to discover new perspectives, expand my creative horizons, and elevate my storytelling. By immersing myself in the work of renowned filmmakers and visual storytellers, I gain a deeper understanding of cinematic language and techniques.

Whether you’re seeking inspiration for your next project or simply craving a cinematic escape, Film-Grab.com offers an unparalleled resource to fuel your creative fire.

4. Directors-Library: Unveiling Cinematic Masters – Fueling Your Creative Fire

Directorslibrary.com website overview where we can find exquisite selection of films

Last but not least, we all know that inspiration is the driving force behind groundbreaking projects. Directors-Library serves as a sanctuary of cinematic inspiration, showcasing a curated collection of films and commercials from around the globe.

This platform provides a wealth of visual references, allowing you to discover new perspectives, expand your creative horizons, and elevate your storytelling. Whether you’re seeking inspiration for your next project or simply craving a cinematic escape, Directors-Library offers an unparalleled resource to fuel your creative fire.

By exploring the work of celebrated directors and their unique visual styles, I gain insights into storytelling, cinematography, and editing techniques, enabling me to incorporate these elements into my own projects.

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What I’ve brought above is just a quick summary of how to build a good visual reference for your project. This is step one of my workflow. 

Remember - prep is king. 

 In second part I’ll explain the process of treatment creation from start to finish. Also I’ll tell you how we can speed up the writing, which often takes hours. 

Feel free to reach out to me if you got any questions. 

All best,

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